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Maker Fair Kuwait 2018 Openong ceremony


The Representative of HH the Amir Opens

the Second Version of

 the Global MakerFaire Exhibition 2018

Minister of Public Works:

MakerFaire Kuwait is a Local and Global

Platform that Hosts 85 Projects from 10 Countries

  • Al-Subaie: We hope that the Exhibition's output will contribute to the establishment of an integrated industrial city built on a sound basis according to modern standards under the banner "Made in Kuwait",  with the hands of creative young Kuwaitis.
  • Al-Fulaij: NBK organizes a set of interactive educational activities for the visitors of the Exhibition, including an electronic airplane racing event, for the first  time in Kuwait.
  • Al-Nassar: Kuwait International Fair Company has provided unprecedented and extensive services and facilities  to the Exhibition

The representative of His Highness the Amir,  Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah, the Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Hussam Al-Roumi,  opened the global Makers Faire Exhibition "MakerFaire – Kuwait 2018", which is organized by Kuwait Investment Company for the second year running at the exhibitions ground in Mishref in Hall No. 5, under the umbrella of Kuwait International Commercial Exhibition "Kuwait Expo".

The opening of the Exhibition by Minister Al-Roumi along with the senior managers and officers of Kuwait Investment Company, was attended by a number of ministers, representatives of diplomatic missions in Kuwait, managers of companies and corporations in both public and private sectors.

Speaking on this occasion, Minister Al-Roumi said: "MakerFaire Kuwait Exhibition has become a local, regional and international destination and platform for makers projects in the region, having hosted 85 projects in the present round, including substantial projects that may contribute to strengthening the role of industry in the gross domestic product."

Al-Roumi lauded the efforts of the exhibition organizers  which resulted in this highly remarkable gathering that reflects the position and esteem of the State of Kuwait in the eyes of the whole world. This is particularly  true, he said, "because the Exhibition has participations from of a large number of global and regional countries". He emphasized that Kuwait is keen to support the projects created by young people and small and medium projects, particularly MakerFaire which is  organized by Kuwait Investment Company for the second year in a row.

Higher Number of Participations

Kuwait Investment Company  Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bader Al-Subaie expressed pride and satisfaction with the impressive opening of the second round of MakerFaire – Kuwait held under the auspicious patronage of His Highness the Amir.  He stated that the second round is hosted by the State of Kuwait to represent the countries of the Middle East, following the success of the first round, held in February 2017. He said he was pleased at the large increase in participations in the present round, with participations from 10 countries: USA, Germany, Malaysia, Egypt, Syria and all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Al-Subaie explained that, this year, the exhibition has several international participations, with a remarkable diversity enriched with intellectual and creative ideas represented by the participating projects,  Kuwaiti and foreign. There are more than 85 new projects this year, selected from some 500 projects that were presented for registration at the exhibition.

He went on to say: "With the grace of Allah, Kuwait Investment Company  has succeeded to bring together an impressive fathering of young makers who employ modern technology in their creative projects that have been well received at all levels in past events, including projects that represented the State of Kuwait in the USA such as the diabetes devices invented by a number of female students of the Faculty of Engineering at Kuwait University."

An Industrial City

Al-Subaie added: "It is hoped that the output of this Exhibition will participate in establishing an integrated industrial city built on a sound basis according to modern standards under the banner "Made in Kuwait",  with the hands of creative and hard-working young Kuwaitis. We hope this aspiration will be attained thanks to the efforts being made to diversity the sources of revenue, an endeavor that will need concerted efforts by all the institutions of the state in order to make this national dream come true. Once achieved,  this endeavor will form a deeply rooted shift in our national economy which will be transformed from a single source to a sustainable diversified economy."

Al-Subaie expressed thanks to His Highness the Amir for his valuable patronage of the MakerFaire Exhibition, unlimited support accorded to young people, creative projects, talents and innovative projects of our young people. He thanked government officials and  public and private institutions for the support they gave to the Exhibition and to Kuwaiti young people. In particular, he thanked the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Khaled Al-Rowdhan for his continuous interest in and support of the Exhibition since last year, and for his decision that this year's MakerFaire Exhibition be held under the umbrella of Kuwait Expo. Furthermore he expressed thanks to the Exhibitions sponsors and supporters,  who proved to be a real partner in the success of MakerFaire in the State of Kuwait.

Al-Subaie went on to say that the higher number of prestigious sponsors of MakerFaire 2018 is a certificate of the success achieved by this prominent event, lauded the National Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait International Fairs Company for their effective role in the Exhibition activities and their platinum sponsorship.  He expressed thanks to  Kuwait Financial Center, Kuwait Airways Corporation, Babtain Group and Al-Oula Fuel Marketing Company for their gold sponsorship. Al-Subaie further expressed gratitude to 11 other silver and bronze sponsors and Al-Ray Group which provided full media covering and sponsorship to the Exhibition.

He then stated that the objective of Kuwait Investment Company from organizing this important event was to adopt and sponsor the projects of ambitious young people in order to participate in creating added value to society, thereby lending support to national products and increasing awareness of the "Made in Kuwait" sign. He added that, throughout its  55-year history, KIC has never stopped supporting creative young Kuwaitis at various stages of development and in various areas of endeavor, according to a methodology inspired by the Company's commitment to social responsibility, as evidenced by its strong achievements in various sectors of society, particularly those linked to Kuwaiti young people.

Events and Activities of National Bank of Kuwait

On this special occasion, the CEO of National Bank of Kuwait – Kuwait, Salah Yousef Al-Fulaij, stated that the bank takes pride in being a leader in the area of social responsibility in Kuwait, willingly accepting the role of transforming  the concept of social service into sustainable plans for the benefit of society and the national economy. 

With this in mind, NBK is committed to supporting talented young Kuwaitis in all fields, particularly in the industrial sector which is currently witnessing a real shift within global economic given the steady technological advances all over the  world.

Al-Fulaij added that National Bank of Kuwait is proud to be a basic partner, for the second year running, in the MakerFaire Kuwait Exhibition, with the management of Kuwait Investment Company. He emphasized the benefit  of launching these industries under the umbrella of a prominent, high-value global exhibition.

He indicated that the supporters of such events would have the opportunity to be closely acquainted with the competing  young talents at the Exhibition. He expressed readiness to place the bank's experience at the disposal of the new projects, pledging that the bank will provide both support and guidance through  its leading role in the area of social responsibility and our seat on the jury of the Exhibition.

Al-Fulaij stated that National Bank of Kuwait would stop at nothing to ensure the success of this Exhibition, as it had done last year.   Indeed, he explained, NBK was organizing a number of educational and interactive activities for the visitors of the Exhibition, particularly young people and children, in addition to its organizing the unprecedented activity, which is the first electronic airplane racing event which would be the first to be held in Kuwait within the activities of the Exhibition.  

In Support of Exhibitions …

Kuwait International Fair Company's Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Nassar, stated that the Company, as part of its observance of its social responsibility, and in line with its strong belief in supporting and promoting Kuwaiti youth exhibitions by adopting their talents and nurturing their  ambitious projects and ideas, has provided its platinum sponsorship of the MakerFaire – Kuwait Exhibition in order to achieve an effective integration in the best interests of young people and help them realize their aspirations, and so that their exhibitions would always achieve the success they deserve.

He added that the MakerFaire Exhibition activities are being held under the umbrella of Kuwait Expo 2018, the prominent international exhibition held under the patronage of the Leader of Humanitarianism , His Highness the Amir, whose presence and support adds  further value to Kuwait International Fair Company, the official sponsor and host of such international events, that will be held in Halls 5 and 6. "This fact," he said, "underscores the role of the Company at the local, regional, global and Islamic levels."

Al-Nassar re-affirmed that Kuwait International Fair Company will always provide full support for the exhibitions hosted by it, and explained that the Company provided unrivaled and unprecedented services and facilities  to the countries and participants of Kuwait Expo 2018 in order to give this event the strength and effectiveness  to highlight the role of Kuwait as a specialized meeting place that attracts financiers and businessmen in the region and the world.

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