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KIC Participates in the Seminar on Social Responsibility in the Private Sector and its Role in Supporting Human Rights


Kuwait Investment Company

Participates in the Seminar on Social Responsibility in the Private Sector and its Role in Supporting Human Rights

True to its prominent role in the field of social responsibility, Kuwait Industrial Center Co. has participated in the Seminar  held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the theme "Social Responsibility in the Private Sector and its Role in Supporting Human Rights" at the J W Marriott Hotel on April 30, 2018.

The seminar was attended by Company's chief executive officer, Mr. Bader Al-Subaie, and a select group of leading private sector companies and establishments, foremost among which were National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Finance House, Mobile Telecommunications Company (Zain), Kuwait Banking Association, KAMCO Investment Company, among others.

Mr. Al-Subaie gave a keynote address in which he highlighted KIC's contribution to the humanitarian and societal activity during the past years, and its efforts designed to promote human standards and improve social conditions with a view to attaining a better quality of life in a society characterized by its high standards at the education, health and sports levels.

Mr. Al-Subaie listed some of the social activities performed by the Company in these fields along a journey of generous giving, rich with social and humanitarian achievements before the adoption of the rules of corporate governance issued by the Capital Markets Authority. To this end, KIC allocates a percentage of its annual profits and revenues to charitable donations and social contributions, thereby building up, over many years, a remarkable record that places it at the forefront of social responsibility work at all times.

He added that the most important elements within KIC's activities include the organization of 3 exhibitions in support of talents, foremost among which is the International Makerfair Exhibition which is the biggest makers exhibition in the Middle East for the works or talented individuals, scientific inventions and handicrafts, held the patronage of His  Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.  The exhibition is a global festival that KIC obtained a license from the USA to hold it in Kuwait, the Ramadan Indoors Football Tournament for the Young, and Kuwaiti Hands Exhibition, all of these being activities that are organized by the Company in order to develop  and support young talents and individuals who have creative ideas and to promote the "Made in Kuwait" logo.

Being keen to enhance its humanitarian role in humanitarian work during the holy month of Ramadan, Kuwait Industrial Center Co. distributes around 13,000 suhoor meals during the last ten days of the Holy Month  at the State Grand Mosque for the twelve years running, in addition to the provision of  daily Ramadan daily breakfast meals throughout the month, a total of 15,000 meals for the fifth year running, at the Souq Al-Manakh Building and the State Grand Mosque, as one of the Company's charitable works undertaken by KIC every year.

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