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KIC Unveils its Ramadan Humanitarian and Social Initiatives and Activities


Kuwait  Investment Company

Unveils its Ramadan Humanitarian and Social Initiatives and Activities

Mainly its participation in celebrating Guirgean with Child Cancer Patients

and   the Youth Football Tournament

Kuwait Investment Company  has unveiled a number of initiatives launched by it on the occasion of Ramadan, in a repetition of the activities it has traditionally carried out every year during the holy month. KIC's activities this year included quite a number of humanitarian, charitable, social and sports events.

In a press release, the Company said that these activities are in line with its pioneering strategy in the field of social responsibility through which it seeks to provide the benefits most desirable in the spirit of the holy month.

The Company added that its deep commitment and continuous efforts to create an added value to society inspire it to address the issues that have the strongest impact on the individual's life. The company  stated that within the framework of achieving its key partnership with society, it is keen to ensure that all its initiatives target and benefit every age segment. In doing so, Kuwait Investment Company emphasizes that its social initiatives clearly reflect the company's leadership in the area of humanitarian and social initiatives.

In launching its social initiatives campaign, Kuwait Investment Company was careful to ensure the right diversity and distribution in more than one field in order to maximize benefits for various segments of society. With regard to charitable activities and events organized during the holy month this year, KIC said that its Ramadan campaign actually started on the first day of the month by implementing an initiative to distribute 500 Iftar meals  every day. This contribution is a key element of the company's program during the holy month every year. KIC stated that the Iftar meals it provides every day from the start to the end of Ramadan at its headquarters in the Souq Al-Manakh Building and the State Grand Mosque are served by the company's own employees. In addition, Kuwait Investment Company distributes 13,000 suhoor meals to the worshippers are the State Grand Mosque during last ten days of Ramadan, for the fourteenth year running.

At the middle of the holy month, the company was keen to visit the sick children at the hospitals of the Kuwait Cancer Control Center, in order to celebrate with the traditional Guirgean during which gifts are distributed to the children, to bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Kuwait Investment Company stated that a substantial part of its attention was focused on highlighting the capabilities  of young Kuwaitis, by organizing the Kuwait Investment Company Indoor Football Tournament for the Young – an event staged during the holy month of Ramadan for the fourth year in a row. This year, the tournament was held under the patronage of the Minister of Finance, Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf.  Wit6h the participation of 16 teams representing the various clubs and academies, the first match was played on the first day of Ramadan and the final events of the tournament was held on the eleventh day of the holy month. For the first time, KIC organized this year another tournament in which six teams participated. The teams consisted of the starts of the various clubs and the Kuwait national team . It was staged over five successive days. The objective was to give the young the opportunity to see the Kuwaiti football starts closely. For the fourth year running, the tournament  was a huge success.

Kuwait Investment Company concluded its statement by saying that the message it wants to get across through those activities and events is its firm resolve to revive the humanitarian spirit in the country's  commercial activity, create an atmosphere rich with compassion and cohesion within society by re-affirming its commitment to social responsibility all year round, particularly during the Holy Month of Ramadan, most notably because KIC is a leader in the field of social responsibility at the national and regional levels where its successive initiatives underscore its observance of the true spirit  of real partnership under which tangible social development can be achieved during all the months of the year and more specifically during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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