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Fund Objective

It's a money market fund that aims to achieve a competitive return by investing in low risk and high liquidity, and to insure the Fund to continue its work set forth in the statue, the tools can be cash invested in investment instruments short-term as deposit or equivalent in Islamic banks and permits government treasury bonds or companies, whether in Kuwaiti dinners or other foreign currency and bank certificates of deposit and repurchase agreements and “sukuk” or any money market tools approved by the Authority , provide that such monetary tools are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Fund Summary

Fund Name: Al-Hilal
Currency: KD
Units: 5,000
Market: Kuwait
Type: Money Market


Updates As Of: 20-Nov-2017
Inception Date: 01-Mar-2003
NAV Per Unit: 0.704
Fund DetailFund PerformanceMonthly PerformanceAnnual PerformanceHistorical NAVs
Legal Structure: Open-Ended
Fund Size: KD 5,000,000 to KD 100,000,000
Subscription: Open to all nationalities and companies
Redemption: Monthly
MGMT Fee: 1%
Subscription Fee: None
Custodian: Boubyan Bank
Custodian Fee: 0.1%
Auditor: Russell Bedford Bader al-abdaljader and partners office
Sharea Auditor: Dar AlReqabah for Islamic Consultation
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