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As Of Funds Name Type Inception Location NAV Currency Cash Bonus Since Inc.
30-Jun-2020 Al-Atheer Equity 01-Jun-2003 Arab 1.184 KD 0.375 37.5 1.113042489725
30-Jun-2020 Kuwait Inv Equity 22-Jul-2003 Kuwait 0.7869631 KD 0.505 10 0.39565941
30-Jun-2020 Al-Raed Equity 01-Oct-2001 Kuwait 0.975 KD 0.5 125 2.701067152
30-Jun-2020 Al-Hilal Money Market 10-Aug-2003 Kuwait 0.887423 KD 0 -0.113463536463537
28-Feb-2014 Al-Awaed Equity 30-Nov-2008 Kuwait 0.935 KD 0 -0.06499

Our Funds

Al-Atheer Fund
Regional Fund

To achieve high returns through investing in listed and united telecom companies in the Middle East North African Arab countries.

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Al-Raed Fund
Local Fund

To achieve high returns through investing in Kuwait companies listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange and investment funds.

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Hilal Fund
Local Fund

It is a money market fund that aims to achieve a competitive return by investing in low risk and high liquidity...

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Kuwait Investment Fund
Local Fund

aims at achieving capital appreciation by investing in shares listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange, as well as investing ...

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