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Kuwait Investment Company (KIC) was established in 1961 as the first investment company in Kuwait and the region; its creation came in the context of the comprehensive rising and development that the State of Kuwait witnessed in the second half of the Twentieth Century in all aspects of life. KIC played from its inception a vital role in supporting the economy of the State of Kuwait locally and regionally, as one of the pioneering national companies on both the local and regional levels.
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 Chief Executive Officer Message
“A legacy of Trust, Pride and Performance”
It is my pleasure to welcome you at the Kuwait Investment Company website, which we are keen to include relevant information about the company's performance, services and products, as well as funds subscription and inquiry mechanisms, in an aspiration to enhance communications with our esteemed clients.
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 KIC Stock As of    30/07/2015
Open: 0.110
Previous: 0.112
Close: 0.110
Change: -2 FILS
Trades: 5
Volume: 40,380
Turnover: 4,442

FundsKIC IndexPerformanceIslamic Index
Fund NameSince Incp.
Al-Hilal -42.85%
Al-Raed 260.14%
Global Bond 141.20%
Pacific 190.98%
Diversified 106.20%
N.American 88.50%
European 105.60%
Al-Atheer 98.28%
Kuwait Inv 22.45%
Al-Awaed -6.50%
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