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KIC Crowns 15 Kuwaiti Projects at the end of the M.F. 2020


Kuwait Investment Company

Crowns 15 Kuwaiti Projects at the end of the

MakerFaire Kuwait 2020 Exhibition

On the day before yesterday, Kuwait Investment Company (KIC), rewarded and crowned 15 Kuwaiti projects from Kuwait.  It also honored 9 projects from the GCC countries, out of a total of 179 participating projects. This celebration came at the conclusion of the fourth version of MakerFaire Kuwait 2020 Exhibition that was organized and held by Kuwait Investment Company over a period of five days under the patronage of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah.

KIC Chief Executive Officer, Bader Nasser Al-Subaie, stated that "the Exhibition is yet another major achievement to be added to the remarkable record and history of the company over the past sixty years, for the Kuwait Investment Company's male and female employees succeeded through this Exhibition to crown the Company's record through their tremendous efforts, thereby achieving a success that by far exceeded all expectation. MakerFaire Kuwait proved itself as the most important event of its kind in the State of Kuwait over the past 4 years."

He added that "the fact you see at the Exhibition underline its huge success as evidenced by the remarkable increase in the number of participants which rose to 179 at MakerFaire Kuwait 2020 Exhibition from 147 participants last year, and in the tens of thousands of visitors to the event."

Al-Subaie went on to say that the Exhibition witnessed a heated competition among exhibitors and makers. This positive development contributed to the higher level of the event year after year, with a success standard that exceeded all expectations. He mentioned, with grateful appreciation, the sublime patronage extended to Maker Faire Kuwait by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah, that was met with feelings of pride, gratitude and appreciation.

He pointed out that the Exhibition accommodated makers of various age groups and categories. In addition, it witnessed exhibitors from the GCC countries as well as Arab and foreign countries, all of whom expressed admiration and pleasure at this year's event which provided a superb venue for presenting their ideas and displaying their work. Of no less importance was the higher number of visitors who, in addition to being awed by the prestigious set-up and content, participated in the voting to select the best projects.

Al-Subaie stated that Kuwait Investment Company emphasized its commitment over the past ten years to play key role and to honor, in an effective and brilliant manner the obligation to discharge its social responsibility. To this end, KIC has always been keen to sponsor all things that stand to benefit the Kuwaiti society in all social, economic and cultural fields that would reflect positively on society. Indeed, this commitment was the driving force behind this major event, staged in Kuwait in the  sever of our young generation, in the form of the US global exhibition that is held in more than 200 cities and countries worldwide.

He went on to say: "Maker Faire Kuwait focuses on the industrial, trades, technological and other sectors in way that fits well with punch line "Whoever has a trade, vocation or unique idea will never be in need", for we believe that industry is the foundation of positive human endeavor."

Commenting on the criteria of evaluating the winning projects, Al-Subaie said: "the participating ideas and projects participating are judged every year against two criteria: the public and the jury, for every visitor has the right to vote by uploading the MakerFaire Kuwait application on his or her mobile phone and subsequently follow the voting steps, as was the case every year. "

Al-Subaie expressed thanks to His Highness the Amir of Kuwait for his generous patronage. He also thanked all the sponsors of the Exhibition for the support they extend to the Kuwaiti young people who have creative ideas through which they can progress to a better future for themselves and their beloved country, Kuwait.

In his turn, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of MakerFaire Kuwait 2020 Exhibition and Manager of the Public Relations Department of Kuwait Investment Company, Talal Al-Rashdan, said: "In its present version, the Exhibition had 179 exhibitors of who 15 where chosen from Kuwait. The Company also honored 9 participants from the GCC countries. The winners were distributed to four categories, with three winners per category. The first

winner was awarded US $ 3,000, the second US $ 2,250 and the third US $ 1,500. The four categories were: Technology, Arts, Education and the "Mecathon" category from Universities. With regard to the participants from other countries, 9 of the GCC countries projects were honored. The total of all the awarded prizes amounted to US $ 30,000.

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