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KIC organizes a Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign for more than 600 of its Employees


In Cooperation and Coordination with the Ministry of Health and the "Union of Investment Companies"


"Kuwait Investment” organizes a Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign for more than 600 of its Employees


The Kuwait Investment Company, which is one of the leading companies in investment and asset management, plays a major role in the economic activity and the development process in the local market as it is one of the oldest financial investment companies in Kuwait. The Company believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility, and is keen to have this activity at the forefront of her interests, believing in the importance of the role assumed by companies towards society.


To confirm its role in social responsibility, the company has organized and carried out a number of initiatives to support individuals in society in different fields.

In this context, the Kuwait Investment Company has recently organized a medical vaccination campaign for more than 600 persons of the company's employees and companies affiliated with the Union of Investment Companies and their families of the first degree in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health, which has, through its medical cadres, effectively contributed to the success of the vaccination campaign, which proceeded and ended totally smoothly and easily, in order to contribute to the protection of society members against the risks of epidemics and diseases and reduce the risks of the outbreak of the coronavirus.


The company assures that it will spare no effort to play its role in supporting and undertaking activities that serve various segments of the Kuwaiti society.

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