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The players revealed their skills at the "Kuwait National Day" Celebration


?The players revealed their skills at the "Kuwait National Day" Celebration 

Hussam Al-Saleh: The Youth Public Authority supports the KIC Football

Academy that is the creation of the Kuwait Investment Company.

The Deputy Director General of the Youth Public Authority Mr. Hussam Al-Saleh confirmed that the Youth Public Authority supports the Kuwait Investment Company Football Academy, especially that the first goal since its launch is to serve the Junior football players and to equipped and refine their experiences and talents, whether in the game or other important life matters.

Al-Saleh expressed his support in a press statement within the ceremony which was held and sponsored by the Kuwait Investment Company Academy as-well as the support of the Youth Public Authority, to celebrate Kuwait National Day Celebration, Al-Saleh said "I stand ready to support everyone who seeks to serve our country"

 He also pointed out that the Youth Public Authority has 8 sports Academies, with a total of 1,600 players, while working at the same time to support more Football Academies in order to prepare the largest number of players at all age levels, which will be in the interest of Kuwait Sports Teams, National Teams, National Clubs and Players. The CEO of Kuwait Investment Company Bader Al-Subaie expressed his admiration of the skills and talents that the players presented during the Academy's Football match that was held as part of the celebration. Al-Subaie stressed that the company will put all its effort in providing its services to the Kuwaiti society in general as the Academy is instilling such values in the Youth specifically.

 Al-Subaie pointed out that the Kuwait Investment Company strongly supports its Football Academy, which is a nonprofit Academy, in order to equip the players, Athletically, Academically, Behaviorally and Religiously, as well as providing them with many skills in various areas of life.

 At the conclusion of his statement, Al-Subaie thanked the Director General of the Youth Public Authority, Dr. Mishaal Al-Rabee, and Deputy General Manager Hossam Al-Saleh for their support of the Academy and extending a hand of cooperation to the Kuwait investment Company. In turn, the General Manager of the Kuwait Investment Company Fawaz Al-Ahmad said that in the upcoming years will witness major development and growth of the Football Academy.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the company is working continuously to support the youth free of charge and that the Company has achieved remarkable success in such matters for the last 60 years.

Al-Ahmad praised the efforts made by the Academy's staff from the Kuwait Investment Company, praising at the same time the fruitful cooperation of the Youth Public Authority with the company. 

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