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KIC participates in a panel discussion organized by the Kuwait Stock Exchange


?KIC participates in a panel discussion organized by the Kuwait Stock Exchange

 AlMusallam: The "Market Maker" has become a tool that companies look for excellence and cannot bypass

Assistant Senior Manager of the "Market Maker" Department at the Kuwait Investment Company, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Musallam, said that the market maker has become a tool that companies looking for excellence and pumping more liquidity into their shares , stressing the company's keenness to contribute to the development of the market .

 Al-Musallam added in a press statement on the sidelines of his participation in a discussion seminar organized by the Kuwait Stock Exchange yesterday with the Kuwait Investment Company and directed to the listed companies to shed light on the mechanism and performance of the market maker and its effective role in enhancing liquidity in the trading of listed companies, that the discussion during the panel focused on the importance of liquidity on the shares of the listed company and the mechanism for enhancing it, in addition to the commitments of the market maker and the factors that characterize dealing with market makers, in addition to discussing the extent to which companies qualify for the "First" market in cooperation with the market maker, and the responsibility of the executive departments in the listed companies to enhance confidence in the performance of their companies' shares to serve  the interests of its shareholders in addition to the types of agreements for dealing between the two parties.

 Mr. Sulaiman Al-Musallam expressed his thanks and appreciation to Boursa Kuwait for hosting this symposium, which he described as an exceptional opportunity to clarify many matters for market participants, share and exchange views to develop financial culture.

 Mr. Al-Musallam indicated that the Kuwait Investment Company began its duties as a market maker in the year 2021 and is currently registered as a market maker on three securities.

  It is worth noting that this seminar comes within the framework of Boursa Kuwait's keenness to raise awareness of the role of an effective market maker in enhancing liquidity, which leads to attracting more investors wishing to benefit from the distinguished investment environment.


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