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"Kuwait Investment" organizes, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, various social events with the participation of students and teachers.


"Kuwait Investment" organizes, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, various social events with the participation of students and teachers.

Al-Loughani: "The first idea of its kind, to invest in the energies of youth

Makers Award by Kuwait Investment Company"

The Kuwait Investment Company announced the organization of various social events in cooperation with the Ministry of Education under the title "Makers Awards by Kuwait Investment Company", which includes an exhibition displaying students' projects, and workshops provided by teachers from private and public schools and private universities, in addition to displaying students' talents. It is shown on the stage, and it is the first idea in which the private sector invests the energies of young people who are the mainstay and energies of the future.


The officer of the Public Relations and Media Office stated that for these activities, Al-Loughani, said in a press statement "that students can participate in many educational, technical and scientific fields, during which workshops and specific projects will be held, indicating that the terms and conditions for accepting the participating projects are that the project is an innovative idea that is applicable on the ground. Reality and complete pillars and benefit from it, and from the idea and implementation of the student while preserving intellectual rights, and that the person applying in his legitimate name is considered the person concerned with deserving the award."

As for the fields and criteria for talent show, Al-Loughani stated that one of the conditions for agreeing to participate in these activities is that the talent be individual, consistent with standards of public morals, include all fields and be in accordance with the general regulations of the state, and that the time of the presentation does not exceed 15 minutes.

He pointed out that KIC is the only entity authorized to enact laws and set standards for selecting projects, workshops, and displaying talents that will be accepted to participate in these activities, provided that a maximum of two workshops will be selected for each governorate, and that the Ministry of Education determines the number of projects and talent presentation. To specify a number ranging from 30 to 40 projects for both boys and girls, and the talent show ranges from one to three talents per day.

Mejren Al-Loughani stated that the mechanism for selecting the winners will be 70% vote by the jury, which consists of a representative from the Kuwait Investment Company in cooperation with specialists and from private universities according to the disciplines that match the specific fields of participation, and 30% for the public.


He pointed out that the method of registering projects and displaying talents will be through a simplified registration link and for a period specified by the company, provided that the link is closed before the event with a maximum period of two to three weeks according to the number of projects and talents participating so that the screening process can be conducted, and the method of voting by the public on projects and presentation Talents will be via barcode. He added that in one school year, the event will be held for all governorates with three exhibitions, and the first exhibition will be held in the governorates of Assimah and Jahra on 4/12/2022 for a period of four days, separated by rest days.The second exhibition will be held in March 2023 for the governorates of (Farwaniya and Hawally) for a period of four days, separated by rest days, while the third exhibition will be held in May 2023 in the governorates of (Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Ahmadi) for a period of four days separated by rest days.

Mejren Al-Loughani indicated that the exhibition site will be in a school belonging to one of the participating governorates and is nominated by the Ministry of Education, noting that ((Jassim Mohammad Al-Kharafi High School)) has been selected in Qurtoba to hold the first exhibition for the governorates of Al-Asimah and Jahra. As for the participating workshops, teachers can participate with more than one teacher in one workshop. As for the supporting workshops, they will be provided by the Kuwait Investment Company, private universities, and sponsors, and they are not subject to arbitration and voting. He added that there are financial prizes to be presented by KIC to the winning students in the arts and science departments, and prizes will be given to the makers for the "best school" based on specific criteria represented in the number of participating projects, the discipline of visiting or participating students, and cooperation with the Projects Selection Committee and the Organizing Committee.

Mr. Al-Loughani pointed out that the company believes that the youth's energies are distinguished, especially after the experience of the Makers Exhibition, expressing the company's thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Education, teachers, mentors, and school activities for their cooperation to make this idea successful, which will have a positive resonance with the various components of society. He pointed out that these activities come within the company's role, care, and responsibility towards the community, which is one of the features that receive great attention from the company's senior management, as the company took the initiative to provide many social activities and events that were popular and resonated in the community.

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