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Kuwait Investment Company succeeds in rising to the "Premier Market"


Kuwait Investment Company succeeds in rising to the "Premier Market" After its success in meeting the requirements, standards and technical conditions

The Kuwait Investment Company succeeded in upgrading from the "main" market" and joining the "premier market " on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, in a move that crowns the company's pioneering path and places it in the ranks of economic entities with high liquidity and large market value.Boursa Kuwait's announcement of the company's promotion comes after its success in meeting the technical conditions and standards in force in the matter of promoting companies, on top of which are the daily liquidity rates and the company's capital value.The company's qualification to the "premier" market, which currently accounts for about 79 percent of the market value of the stock exchange, reflects the strength of its financial position and its compliance with the standards and technical controls applied in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Upgrading the company to the "premier" market allows it to enter the same market index in addition to the  "main" market index, a step that reflects its success in providing the requirements for promotion, whether in terms of trading volume or capital value, which clearly confirms shareholders' confidence in the company's stock, which recorded high rates of exchange keeping pace with the requirements of promotion and qualification. One of the most important conditions for promotion is that the market value of the total securities issued by the company reach a minimum of 78 million Kuwaiti dinars, which is equivalent to the average market value of the companies currently listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange for each of the two years preceding the time of the annual review, which is what the company succeeded in providing by  through its continuous pioneering work based on attracting investors.

Also among the conditions is that no disciplinary sanctions have been issued against the company during the two years preceding the time of the annual review related to the suspension of trading in the securities issued by the company, the suspension or revocation of its license, or the dismissal of all or some members of the board of directors or the CEO.The company affirms its continuity in keeping pace with the aspirations of the local and foreign financial and investment community and providing a safe environment for shareholders, and its interest in expanding its activities with a focus on successful investments, which is reflected in its share and the liquidity rates traded on it.The importance of the promotion lies in the fact that it raises the market value of the company and puts it in the circle of interest of international financial institutions that focus their attention on the components of the elite market, as it is the most consistent with their investment orientations, especially in terms of its keenness to apply technical standards, governance and preserving liquidity, through a real market industry on the market. its shares on the stock exchange.

The  "premier" market provides many and varied opportunities for the company, as part of its efforts to attract the attention of foreign and local investors, and attract capital from outside Kuwait, especially since the Kuwait Stock Exchange organizes meetings between the companies listed in the "premier"  market and major investment and asset management companies globally.All of these steps contribute to maintaining and enhancing transparenc which allows shareholders to view the company's work and performance, and gives it additional strength through continuous commitment to the requirements of continuing in the "premier" market, on top of which is the annual review to know the level of its performance and the level of trading on its shares on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, during  a full year, after which the classification for the next year is determined.

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