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​"Kuwait Investment" Padel Tour


"Kuwait Investment" Padel Tour

The second Ramadan padel tournament, organized by the Kuwait Investment Company in cooperation with the Union of Investment Companies, will start today, and its competitions will end on Saturday, corresponding to April 8, 2023. The tournament competitions will be held at the "Shamiya Arena" padel courts at Shamiya region, with the participation of 64 players representing 32 teams.

The organization of the tournament by the Kuwait Investment Company comes after the unparalleled success achieved by the first tournament, which was held last year, after the interaction of the fans of the game with it, bearing in mind that the competitive atmosphere witnessed by the competitions works effectively to spread the padel game in the country.

The list of participation in the tournament included many items, perhaps the most prominent of which is the participation of amateur players only for the padel game, so the company rejected many requests submitted by professional players, and the tournament is dedicated to workers in investment companies and private sector companies in addition to banks.

The general coordinator of the tournament, Abdullah Al-Asousi, confirmed that the organizing committee finished its preparations early, in order to continue the success achieved in the first edition, adding that the fans of the game will have a date with fun, excitement and clubbing in the competitions that will be held in a one-match knockout system.

He said, "The Kuwait Investment Company has allocated financial rewards of 1,000, 500 and 300 dinars for the first, second and third place."

Al-Asousi concluded his statement, stressing that the conclusion of the tournament will witness the presence of the leaders of the Kuwait Investment Company, as well as the Union of Investment Companies and the participating companies, who will honor the working committees and the winning teams of the first three places.?

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