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The (61st) Ordinary General Assembly of the Kuwait Investment Company held its meeting , with an attendance rate of (.81676%)


The (61st) Ordinary General Assembly of the Kuwait Investment Company held its meeting , with an attendance rate of (.81676%)

The General Assembly meeting approved the resignation of the independent member of the Board of Directors, Faleh Al-Raqba, and relieved him from responsibility and cleared his record, while Mr. Tameem Abdulaziz Al-Mansour won by acclamation to complete the remaining term of the current board. For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Kuwait Investment Co." Dr. Youssef Al-Ali thanked Mr. Faleh Al-Raqaba, for his role and contributions in enhancing the efforts of the company's board of directors during his membership, which lasted about 8 years. On this occasion, Al-Ali showed that the Board of Directors of "Kuwait Investment Co." will continue its commitment to achieving its strategic goals, which include strengthening the company's position in the local market, in a way that enhances the attractiveness of investment in its tools. Al-Ali said that the world is still facing challenges that have cast a shadow over economic growth expectations and affected inflation rates, and the subsequent decisions - most of which may be strict - related to fiscal and monetary policies. This prompted the board of directors of "Kuwait Investment Co." to periodically review the company's business strategy and amend it to be aligned with any developments in the markets, explaining that the company's board of directors and executives approved preventive measures . An additional measure to improve the protective buffers of "Kuwait Investment" in the face of the financial complications that have emerged in the global and local markets in the past months.

Al-Ali indicated that the efforts made in this regard are comprehensive, and include raising the quality of the company's assets, and reducing its business risk rates to the lowest level, whether in terms of its investment activity or through the funds and financial portfolios it manages, in addition to maximizing the capabilities of its employees, and enriching the experience of its customers and their returns with the best investment services. , which raises its ability to continue to achieve outstanding financial results. Al-Ali pointed out that the Board of Directors of "Kuwait Investment" is keen to complete its strategic path by accelerating the pace of investment in innovation and digital transformation to develop the company's business in promising investment services sectors, explaining that the moves in this direction are driven by work to provide a wide range of services and various investment tools. that attract customers with different financial capabilities. And he indicated that the measures taken also contribute to improving the company's business operationally and increasing its efficiency, in addition to reducing its exposure to unexpected risks, in line with the rational investment policy that the Board of Directors operates, which enabled "Kuwait Investment" to overcome the conditions that prevailed in the markets and the investment and financial challenges. that resulted.

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