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Kuwait Investment Company opens new electronic trading horizons and various investment opportunities in the American


?In cooperation with "Interactive Brokers", the first digital trading platform in America Kuwait Investment Company opens new electronic trading horizons and various investment opportunities in the American and international markets Multiple investment tools that include all levels of traders

The new service provides "margin," "options," and short selling

The company aims to launch new trading services in the European and Asian markets As part of its efforts to open new trading horizons and promising investment opportunities for its clients in global markets, the customer service officer at the Kuwait Investment Company, Afrah Al-Zuraij, revealed that "KIC" has added to its electronic services portfolio a new platform for trading in the American markets.

Al-Zuraij stated in a press release that in cooperation with Interactive Brokers, which is considered the best American digital trading platform, Kuwait Investment Company has provided multiple electronic trading tools in global markets that suit all levels of traders and professional speculators, explaining that the new service constitutes an additional step to complement the company's efforts to be the digital gateway for its clients in the global financial markets.

Al-Zuraij stated that the new platform provides stock trading services, margin portfolio financing, options contracts, and short selling, by providing applications that the company's clients, traders, download whether on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or their smart phones.

Al-Zuraij pointed out that what increases the importance of the new service provided by Kuwait Investment Company is that it came in cooperation with the best international companies in the field of electronic trading in the American markets, which has been in first place for several years, whether in terms of the investment services provided or the development of its electronic platform services.

Al-Zuraij indicated that Kuwait Investment Company is moving forward in meeting the ambitions of its clients trading in global markets, whether ordinary traders or professional speculators, indicating that it provides its services with competitive commissions. She said that Kuwait Investment Company continues to implement its comprehensive vision to open new global markets, European and Asian, in the future, to create the largest electronic trading base, as part of its initiatives to provide a unique experience for investors by providing a package of innovative and integrated trading products and services, which consolidates its leading position in the market and its extensive experience. For more than half a century

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