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Kuwait Investment Company enhances the culture of sustainability among its employees with the “Together towards Sustainability”


Kuwait Investment Company enhances the culture of sustainability among its employees with the "Together towards Sustainability"

The Kuwait Investment Company organized a symposium for its employees entitled "Together towards Sustainability," in an effort by the company to enhance the culture of the carbon footprint and raise awareness of sustainable development goals, environmental and social sustainability, and corporate governance among its human capital.

 This symposium comes in support of Kuwait Investment Company's pillars of moving forward towards sustainability, spreading the concept of sustainability, and emphasizing the importance of the role of every employee of the company's family in achieving it, in line with the goals of the Kuwait Development Vision 2035.

As part of its plans to enhance the culture of sustainability among its employees, Kuwait Investment Company constantly seeks to find a balanced relationship between its needs for investment growth and environmental protection, considering that each of them constitutes a responsibility for the company that must succeed and take the initiative to continuously develop its practices in a way that reflects positively on the company's performance in both parallel directions.

Kuwait Investment Company is among the most local companies that give priority to sustainability, driven by its conviction that adopting sustainability is not just an ethical choice. Rather, it has become a necessity for action, including various practices and initiatives aimed at achieving a balance between economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental conservation.

Given the growing interest within the company in sustainability and considering that Kuwait Investment Company covers a wide segment of clients, the company always works to educate its employees and society in general about the importance of environmental, social, and institutional sustainability and everything related to the governance of these practices with the aim of promoting sustainability as a national and humanitarian responsibility.

?In this regard, Kuwait Investment Company is working within a targeted plan that includes holding awareness seminars and submitting sustainability reports that include measures for environmental, social and institutional sustainability

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