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International Finance Magazine honors Kuwait Investment Company As "Best Investment Firm" for the year 2023


International Finance Magazine honors Kuwait Investment Company

As "Best Investment Firm" for the year 2023

The good reputation and skilled competencies that Kuwait Investment Company has enjoyed since 1961 confirm its efficiency in achieving results.

The award does not reflect previous achievements, but also expects Kuwait Investment Company to continue its prosperity, innovation, and leadership in the field of investments.

Vice President of Human Resources Department at the Kuwait Investment Company, Lulwa Al-Fouzan, said that "Kuwait Investment Company's" methodology in qualitative investment in its human capital constituted a strategic step towards achieving sustainability in all its indicators, and within limits that contributed to it obtaining the "Best Investment Firm - Kuwait 2023" award.

Al-Fouzan explained that attracting Kuwait Investment Company to qualified national talents, while enhancing work with the spirit of one team and its constructive mechanisms, is one of the most important keys to its continued success and ability for sustainable growth.

Al-Fouzan added that crowning Kuwait Investment Company with this prestigious award in the investment sector for the year 2023 represents a satisfactory experience as it reflects qualitative performance, extensive experience, and great practical dedication to enhancing the company's position.

She pointed out that the team feel honored by this achievement, everyone in the company has a double enthusiasm for maintaining KIC's standards, which are consistent with international standards in meeting the ambitions and requirements of current and future customers.

Al-Fouzan pointed out that, over more than 6 decades, Kuwait Investment Company has undergone several stages of advanced strategic restructuring that helped consolidate its position as a prominent player in the investment sector, driven by the dedication of all its human resources to remain at the forefront of financial industry trends.

She explained that crowning "Kuwait Investment Company" with the "Best Investment Firm - Kuwait" award makes us feel very proud to receive this award because it reflects great confidence in the company's position and leadership in the investment sector.

Al-Fouzan added, "Perhaps what increases our sense of pride and appreciation is that human capital represents the foundation of the successful journey of (Kuwait Investment Company), pointing out that the award for 'Best Investment Firm - Kuwait' constitutes an additional testimony to the ability of the company's work team, its extensive experience, and its great commitment to providing exceptional results to shareholders and customers."

Al-Fouzan stressed the continued efforts of all Kuwait Investment Company work teams to enhance the company's excellence in the investment sector, in a way that reflects more confidence in its ability to provide the best investment services, and its uniqueness in distinguished performance and products offered to customers.

In turn, Assistant Vice President of the Business Development Department at the company, Noura Al-Hashash, said that the development of "Kuwait Investment Company" into a prominent player in the investment sector is due to the company's long experience in the sector, and its long and extended journey since 1961, which makes it the oldest investment company in the Gulf region.

Al-Hashash attributed the development of Kuwait Investment Company's business model and its flexibility in facing the challenges that have occurred in the markets globally and locally in recent years to an additional consideration, which is the company's rooting in the culture of persistence and continuous adaptation to the changing market dynamics and its rapid transformations, and its ability to consolidate its commitment to providing superior financial and investment performance in the sector.

She explained that one of the main reasons that strengthened the position of Kuwait Investment Company at the forefront of similar companies in terms of innovation for the financial industry and proactiveness in anticipating market transformations lies in the strength of its work and its advanced methodology in leading the company towards the future with clear signals.

She stated that the ambition and ability of Kuwait Investment Company management has established a culture that encourages continuous learning and then invests in continuous education and development tools for its team with acceptable risks and a sustainable methodology for profitability.

Al-Hashash added that the mature work climate that characterizes Kuwait Investment Company's business model in terms of applying international standards and principles in the investment sector enabled its various work teams to quickly adapt to market transformations, while contributing to the rooting of proactiveness and the principles of governance and transparency in its approach as a working principle, which made it more capable and experienced in Anticipating the future and accurately analyzing market data, enhanced by professional cooperation with industry experts.

Kuwait Investment Company's qualitative plans and strategies also contributed to maintaining its success and leadership in the financial industry by 2024, and to maintaining its success in leading the market by focusing on introducing strategic initiatives.

Al-Hashash said, "Through vigilance, flexibility, and a thoughtful ability to anticipate the future and its challenges, we not only anticipate positive market transformations, but also lead the way in shaping the future investment landscape of the investment sector."

Kuwait Investment Company also plans to take advantage of emerging opportunities, adopt sustainable investment practices, and expand its global scope with a focus on market expectations and prospects, which allows improving the investment portfolios managed by the company and providing ideal financial returns to its shareholders.

?Al-Hashash indicated that in the coming period, priority will be given to qualitative partnerships with strategic partners to ensure the provision of solutions tailored specifically to Kuwait Investment Company's clients. With the continuation of its advanced programs to develop its employees and enhance their expertise to be more capable of dealing with the expected transformations in the investment sector.

She explained that Kuwait Investment Company's commitment to ethical business practices will remain extremely important, especially since this goal falls within the company's integrated strategies towards consolidating the company's position as a leader in the industry, ensuring its continued systematic and sustainable success in the dynamic landscape 

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