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Kuwait Investment Company participates in Startups Expo 2024


Kuwait Investment Company participates in Startups Expo 2024

The Kuwait Investment Company announced its golden sponsors of the Startups 2024 exhibition, which is the first exhibition for entrepreneurs in Kuwait, indicating that this sponsorship comes within the company's focus on supporting this segment of business owners and enhancing their presence in the local market.

Kuwait Investment Company indicated that it is keen to support entrepreneurs who own small and medium enterprises, explaining that it considers this approach part of its social and economic responsibility to enhance the significant role of entrepreneurs in developing the local economy.

Kuwait Investment Company affirmed its commitment to achieving Kuwait Vision 2035, which includes among its pillars support for Kuwaiti entrepreneurs in starting their own projects and during their implementation, in line with the strategy of diversifying sources of national income and reducing the burden on the state budget, noting that the company's mechanisms to support entrepreneurs in This aspect is multiple and sustainable.

She pointed out that Kuwait Investment Company will participate, as part of its sponsorship of the exhibition, in seminars presented by experts whose presentation will constitute an opportunity for the exhibition participants who own small and medium enterprises to learn about practical experiences that support their investment journey and help them advance their emerging businesses.

Kuwait Investment Company stated that it will highlight all services that can improve the path of entrepreneurs, and methods of due protection from visible and potential risks, indicating that the company's support in this regard will not stop at the introductory and guidance part, but rather includes various tools that will strengthen this sector and raise its efficiency. Which ultimately leads to building an active environment for the development of small and medium enterprises, as it is vital to enhancing economic diversification in Kuwait in the long term.


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