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For the third year The Youth Championship … one of its successful initiatives


Kuwait Investment Co.  has announced  the launching of its Ramadan 2017 campaign  at the start of the holy month, to continue until the end of the month,  accompanied by a number of initiatives that cover various aspects of its charitable, social and humanitarian mission.

On this occasion, the KIC Senior Manager for Public Relations and Information, Talal Al-Rashdan, has said that the company continues to implement its annual program, the "Iftar Table" for the fifth year running, distributing some 500 meals every day to fasting individuals at Souq Al-Manakh and the Grand Mosque of the State. The company's employees participate in implementing this program. 

In a press statement, Al-Rashdan said that KIC's charitable deeds during Ramadan is highlighted with the distribution of 13,000 Suhoor meals during the last ten days of Ramadan at the Grand Mosque, for the thirteenth  year running. The program includes the distribution s of Guirgaian to the employees of the company and social welfare institutions and the Hussain Makki Jumaa."

He added that the company intensifies its charitable and social activities and initiatives every year, within the framework of its lasting commitment to provide an added value to society, for KIC organizes the Ramadan Indoor Football Championship for the Youth for the third successive year, held under the sponsorship of His Excellency  the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Anas Al-Saleh, which is one of the aspects of the Company's activity during the holy month.

Al-Rashdan explained that "the Company, in light of its social mission, is keen to exploit the energy of the young through this championship, in addition to its contribution, along with the students of Kuwait University of various specializations,  in order to support their graduation theses. In particular, KIC looks for whatever benefits the ambitious young  individuals in order to encourage them to display their skills and talents. These efforts culminated in the holding of the Global Maker Faire Exhibition last February under the sponsorship of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who is the sponsor and first supporter to the Kuwaiti young individuals. This sponsorship has highlighted and promoted the work of Kuwait Investment Company, to be added to its long history in the field of social responsibility over a period of more than fifty years."

He went on to say: "The Youth Championship started on May 29th and will end next Friday, attended by His Excellency Minister Anas Al-Saleh and an impressive  array of social persons in sports and art. The championship will create an added value to the efforts of bringing up a generation supported by care and capable of achieving outstanding achievements in the future. The  Championship has achieved  an unprecedented success since its start two years ago, as confirmed by the great results achieved by the schools national team and its achieving third place in the World Schools Championship  which  was recently held in the UAE. 90 per cent of its players participated in the Youth Championship which was held last year.

Speaking further on the matter, Al-Rashdan emphasized that KIC is keen to develop the youth championship in order to identify new talents. For this reason it has changed the championship system  from the withdrawal of the losing team to the group system. KIC will seek to involve teams from the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries next year in order to achieve an increase exposure and interaction for the Kuwaiti players. He stated that "the championship is a present given by Kuwait Investment Co.  to the Kuwaiti society by building a new generation of young Kuwaitis who possess brilliant talents that should be nurtured and developed within this important sector which has become one of the best sectors in terms of investment."

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