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The Ordinary General Assembly of KIC


Kuwait Investment Company

Approves a 20% Cash Dividend to its Shareholders for 2017

 The Ordinary General Assembly of Kuwait Investment Company  approved all the items on the agenda of its annual meeting for the fiscal year ended  on December  31, 2017. The main items was the distribution of a 20% cash dividend, represented 20 Fils per share, and totaling KD 10.9 million.

At its annual meeting held at the KIC headquarters,  the general assembly – with a quorum of 78.45% - elected and appointed the members of the Board of Directors  for a new term of three years The Board consists of 5 members representing the Public Authority for Investment: Dr. Yousef Al-Ali, Mohammed Al-Mutairi, Alia Al-Tamimi, Jassem Al-Hagery and Abdulaziz Al-Hudaib. Three other members were selected by consensus:  Mishari Al-Khaled, Jamal Al-Salim and Faleh Al-Rguba (who is an independent member).

KIC chairman, Walled Al-Shamlan Al-Roumi, thanked the departing Board members, whose term of membership has expired,  for their focused efforts toward development the Company's performance and ability to face challenges. He wishes to the new members success in their discharging their duties.

The Company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bader Nasser Al-Subaie stated that KIC's financial indicators for 2017 reflected the success of its investment policies and long-term strategy which had paved the way for enhancing performing and achieving rewarding returns to the shareholders in a well-balanced fashion. He added that this success can be seen  the net profits which amounted to KD 16.4 million for 2017, with a 30 Fils earnings per share, a 313% improvement over the profits of 2016. Mr. Al-Subaie lauded the efforts of the company's personnel which made it possible for it to achieve these positive results and maximize returns to the shareholders.

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