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Training & Development

Training and development is one of the most important human resources activities in leading organizations ... Here are two of the biggest factors that contribute to increasing the need for training and development in KIC:


Whether the change in the markets in which the company operates or the change resulting from the company's strategy are key factors in increasing the need for training and development. Where the relationship between them, (change ..) leads to the need for training and development. (Training, development ...) lead to individual and organizational change.


Money is not the sole motivation for the employee to stay and achieve a job loyalty in a company. Studies and practical reality indicate that people are not only looking for a job with a material return, but are looking for a company where the job enables them to refine their skills and gain experience that enhances their career development

Tasks and Responsibilities:

For this and more ... the tasks and role played by the training and development activity in Kuwait Investment Company are summarized as follows:

  • Prepare the annual training plan at the company level through various programs.
  • Drawing up policies and procedures that increase the efficiency of the training and development activity in bringing about the required change.
  • Promote the culture of education and continuous development in the company, and promoting ownership and accountability among management and its staff.
  • Contribute to motivate employees by providing a work environment that is characterized by loyalty, cooperation, team spirit and excellence in performance.
  • Contribute to the development of modern administrative awareness and enhance existing competencies for leaders and employees.
  • To take care of the responsibility of the community through the preparation of the Internship programs of the University and scientific institutes.
  • Coordinate with the competent authorities in the training activities to benefit from the material and training support provided by them.
  • Design and implementation of automated and administrative systems that increase the efficiency of the training and development activity in the company.
  • Preparation and design of induction and orientation training programs for newcomers’ employees and others.

Ways and means:

This activity is achieved through the following methods and means:

  • Training courses.
  • Training programs concluded with professional certificates.
  • E-Learning
  • Training workshops
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Induction training
  • Orientation Training
  • Guidance and professional guidance
  • Reading books and professional articles
  • Field surveys