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Whistle Blowing

If any employee, stakeholder or external party suspects or believes that some policy, practice, or activity of the Company is in breach of a law or applicable regulations or is unethical or involves any malpractice, you may report it to the Whistle Blowing Officer of the Company.

You can submit your letter along with supporting documents:

  • By hand delivery to the Whistle Blowing Officer:

    Mr. Khaled AL-Meshri,
    Kuwait Investment Company
    Al-Sharq, Mubarakiya Mubarak Al Kabeer St, Almanakh building – 5th Floor

  • By courier/post addressed to the Whistle Blowing Officer at Postal Address: P.O. Box 1005Safat, 13011 Kuwait,
  • By email to the Whistle Blowing Officer at

Adequate systems are implemented to allow conducting a fair and independent investigation concerning such issues, along with ensuring confidentiality of the reporting person to ensure protection of such person against any negative effect that may result due to reporting.

Please contact us at +965 22967071 or at for any further clarifications.